A lot of people have things like “Read 25 books” on their list which is great and all butttt….for someone like me who loves reading anyways nothing about that was even slightly challenging so one of the things I would like to do while I work on this blog is to have a book section where I keep track of all the book that I read during Chapter 25 so here we go….

Children’s Novels
1. Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories- R.J. Palacio (Completed 6/23/17)
2. Dara Palmer’s Major Drama-Emma Shevah (Completed 6/25/17)
3. Frazzled- Booki Vivat (Completed 6/25/17)

4. Fish in a Tree- Lynda Mullaly Hung (Completed 9/05/17)

Young Adult Literature

Regular Grown Up Stuff
1. The End of Molasses Classes- Ron Clark (7/22/17)