6. Participate in a 5K

One of the best things about this 25 by 25 list is it has motivated me to do things that I’ve been curious about but never took the time to do. A great example of that is a 5k. Now my interest has never been in doing a regular 5k but I’ve always been curious about the gimmicky ones like color runs and the glow in the dark ones, ya know things like that. Despite my interest I never bothered attempting because well… I don’t run. Especially not more than small increments  on a treadmill. SO when I started making my list, participating in a run seemed like a great thing to do because…well why not? And so began my search for the perfect 5k opportunity. One night while scrolling through Groupon I happened to find a 5k that was going to be held just a few minutes from where I live anddddd…. it was a gimmicky one! And so I bought my ticket for the Bubble Run which also came with some cool stuff like a T-Shirt and headband. IMG_5330.JPG
Another thing that I really appreciate about this journey is getting other people involved with me. I think a lot of people have stuff that they want to do that just get pushed off to the side so its cool to learn more about the people around me and some of their goals and hopes. For my latest adventure, I invited some of my sorors (sorority sisters) to see if anyone wanted to join me. Shout out Destiny for joining me on this adventure 🙂


Now neither of us were particularly interested in running. Maybe that’s something we can work our way up to but for today we were just trying to have a cool new experience together. I was really surprised by the amount of people who walked instead of ran. That helped me feel even more comfortable to know that we weren’t alone in the walking journey.
IMG_5332.JPG The way the Bubble Run works is as you go through the course there are a few colored bubble vats. We ended up going through pink, green, yellow and blue. Each bubble vat features colored bubbles that were at times up to 6ft tall! It was AWESOME. The first one we ran through just because it seemed like fun but after that we took our time going through to get our shirts as colorful as possible. This ridiculous picture below is us going through the bubbles lol.IMG_5336.JPG

At the end of the run they had bubble cannons that shoot bubbles all over the place. It was a mess, but in the best possible way! If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a run but not being a runner has held you back, I definitely suggest stepping out of your comfort zone and trying it! We had a great time even though we didn’t run until the like maybe 2 minutes lol. In fact, we had such a great time that we’re thinking of looking for a color run to participate in in the future and we might actually try to run, even if its just a part of it!IMG_5348.JPGIMG_5346.JPG


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