5. Zip line through a Rainforest

Sooooooo…for those of your following along at home, you may noticed that I left out a MAJOR part of my trip to PR. The reason for that being that this item gets its own post. Ever since I was younger, whenever bucket lists came up I would always say that one of the things I wanted to accomplish one day is to zip line through a rainforest. Now, I have done baby zip lining experiences, we used to have a small one in our backyard and then in high school in my Outdoor Education Class we climbed this pole thing and then zip lined across a field. That’s about it for my zip lining experiences but for some reason I have always been fascinated with the thought. So on the morning of our great adventure, we got picked up at hour hotel and drove for about an hour or so to Toro Verde Adventure Park. This first picture is the view we had once we parked. It was BEAUTIFUL.

IMG_0018So safety comes first of course so first thing we did when we got there is get outfitted in our safety gear. Including a harness, some carabiners, a helmet and a really fancy water bottle holding contraption (aka a piece of string).IMG_0080

We decided to do the 8 “small” zip lines and then do one called The Beast. We’ll get back to The Beast later. But these small zip lines weren’t so small. One of them was a mile long! But the views were absolutely beautiful. IMG_0132

Here we are being cute before we found out the truth about the final of the 8 zip lines. In out group I want to say there was like thirteen people, including a little girl who was maybe about nine or so. As we were going across, she was the only person who ever got stuck  out there because there wasn’t much wind happening and she didn’t weigh much comparatively to all of the adults in the group. So when she had a hard time going across this last one we understood. But when the 8 people who went after her all got stuck, including a guy who was about 6 feet tall, all got stuck too we started to get a little worried. IMG_0151So naturally when it was my turn I was a little nervous. I wasn’t trying to be stuck like 500 feet in the air and have to pull myself across lol. Here I am before getting hooked up to the line. Look how happy and carefree I am ….IMG_0152-1

Now notice how forced this smile below is lol. As I sat back things started to get real. The whole time going across I just kept thinking about how I HAD to be the first one to the other side. I leaned back as much as I could and put all of my weight in it and came to a beautifully graceful (yeah right) crash landing. But I made it across! I was so happy and it seemed to set the tone of the rest of the group because Goetti and the 2 people after us all made it across.  Clearly I inspired greatness lol.IMG_0167So then came The Beast. You can see that in the other zip lines we did you’re in a seated position so to some extent it feels like you have some control. If you stop you just turn your body with your head to the end and use the cables to pull yourself along. With The Beast, you’re in a special harness so you’re superman style as you fly across with about 800 ft between you and the ground. This zip line is one of the world’s longest and has a length of 4,745 feet and you can go as fast at 60mph. Crazy right? So before we asked our guide, “Everyone gets across this one right?” “Oh yeah don’t worry about it!”

IMG_0190Now for this picture above please look carefully. Between the two reddish bubbles on the left you will see a small orange dot. Know what that dot is?ME BEING STUCK 800 FEET IN THE AIR!! lol being stuck wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. In a way I was prepared for it. I was moving so fast that my eyes were tearing and then after some time I could feel my body starting to slow down long before I should have, it was really just a matter of time.  So given that I was superman style rather than in a seated position, I couldn’t get myself to the end so one of our guides zipped out to me and told me to grab his ankles and then he pulled me back to safety.IMG_0251-1IMG_0229-1

It was such an AWESOME experience. Even the getting stuck part, makes for a fun story to tell people. I can’t wait to travel the world again and experience more zip lines 🙂


2 thoughts on “5. Zip line through a Rainforest

  1. goettif says:

    LMAO. Good times. Good times. Your super duper travel buddy must of been poppin. I heard she was the only one on the trip that did all 8 and the beast and made it across!


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